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  1. Hi all... I too am getting that crackling noise - I've even looked around and someone suggested audio incompatibilities with asio and windows 10 - so i installed the asio4all drivers - and Nope - no change. I tried changing the power balance - Nope. Line 6 sent me a link with troubleshoots and things to try - nope nothing. I actually brought an entirely new computer because it was doing the same thing on my old one, which was then equated to be an issue with my computer not the line 6 product via contacting line 6 directly... which now i can clearly see its not - and that was using a windows 7 based system. I've changed my cables, my mixer, using UX2 direct to computer and not using uX2 direct for recording, I've tried different guitars, Installing old drivers vs installing new ones, reauthorizing the product, different usb ports.... the only thing i haven't tried is a new UX2 unit. I really think this is truly a driver and windows 10 incompatibility issue and am now being forced to look at alternative companies and products in order to record my music. This is my last attempt to find help in fixing this issue. I really don't know what else to try, i love my UX2 but feel that i will have to look elsewhere for my guitar tones going forward as I can't use a product that isn't working properly on my recordings.
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