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  1. I'll try the idea mentioned above. I don't think it's the amp, I ran the pod just through the effects loop of the amp and there is no noise, only when using the 4 cable method is when the weird noise shows up.
  2. I watched the video above and its not the "static" noise like he's getting...its a very weird glassy type howl is the best way I can explain it.
  3. Its not a USB issue...Its the same glassy howl whether my laptop is connected or not, even on stage. Ive tried the steps above and have "lowered" the irritating noise somewhat, but its still there. Im not being picky either, the other guitarist on the other side can hear it between songs. I have plugged both the amp and POD into the same power conditioner, plugged them in to different areas, replaced cords, just about everything I can think of. One difference I did notice last night was that it "pretty much" goes away when using my CLEAN channel of my amp (its still there but much less noticeable). This is with just delay or maybe reverb on the POD. It increases dramatically when switching my AMP to the gain channel.
  4. Ill definitely try that and see what happens. I have tried alot of different settings and played with the sends/returns a bit but will try again...Messing with those makes getting a good unity volume set up. Thanks for the tips!
  5. I should have mentioned. This is with no gain, no tube driver or screamer.... Clean. No amp model on at all.
  6. Yea I have considered that and eliminated everything I could, plugged the amp and pedal into the same power conditioner (together)...
  7. Im hoping someone has ran into this issue and knows what it is. All aspects of the 4CM works and I have tried different cables. There is a very noticeable hiss or glassy sound and noticeably increased feedback, even when only running effects such as delay or reverb. Im using a Bugera 333xl infinium head (tube). Any pointers or help would be great in resolving what this is from or how to correct it.
  8. Unfortunately it doesn't have midi, only RJ45 connection. I believe space did make it work, although you was using 2 different amps if I remember correctly. These are 2 Spider IV's 150 Combo amps.
  9. Having different tones on each amp would still be controllable from one FBV if we could make it work. The settings on each amp can be different as long as they are assigned to the same bank/channel. That was my ultimate goal with this. Having 2 FBV's would be way to much of a hassle during a song that may have several say clean to dirty transitions.
  10. Ultimately Im looking at going with a different pedal/footswitch. The need to control both amps is a must and so far Ive had no luck with this mod :-( All in a days work...
  11. I agree completely! I love the sound of my amp but seriously considering purchasing something else. I wanted to control 2 amps with one pedal so that I can run one left stage and one right stage. Without this option (which seems like it shouldnt be that difficult of an answer from them), purchasing a different setup may be my only choice. I can mic one and run it to the other amp, but I wanted to run slightly different tones/effects on each amp. Would be awesome if you find a way to get the handshake you mentioned above to work!
  12. Looking forward to your updates. Im not very familiar with wiring electronics, so hopefully you will find a solution to this. Its nice to see another person interested in making this work!
  13. Your Theory sounds correct to me. I have tried to make this work but so far have been unsuccessful. Thankfully I have not fried anything, but it still only controls the one (master) amp in my case. Would really love to get this working if anyone has any other ideas.
  14. RJ45 Pin # Wire Color (T568A) Wire Diagram (T568A) 10Base-T Signal 100Base-TX Signal 1000Base-T Signal 1 White/Green Transmit+ BI_DA+ 2 Green Transmit- BI_DA- 3 White/Orange Receive+ BI_DB+ 4 Blue Unused BI_DC+ 5 White/Blue Unused BI_DC- 6 Orange Receive- BI_DB- 7 White/Brown Unused BI_DD+ 8 Brown Unused BI_DD- This is what confuses me in deciding which to splice to receive signal to the 2nd (slave) amp. I've read in a few other posts that it's #6 green, but from the looks of this it could be #6 orange. I'm not very knowledgable on rj45
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