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  1. Yes I just discovered the usefulness of the master on the pod when hooked to the dt25 it really is sweet. Thanks for the input on the patches, I knew I could switch that way, just wanted to make sure that after spending 900 bucks I wasn't getting shorted. Thanks, Mike
  2. I just got in my new dt25 head, I hook up to it via L6 link from my hd500. It sounds awesome but l`ve noticed I few issues and I was curious if anyone else has experienced this. When I switch from one patch to another there is an audible pop as the dt25 reconfigures its power section. I don't know if it's important to note this is in low volume mode, haven't tried full volume. Second issue I setup dual amps say a Vox ac 30 and a fender blackface on the same patch. One off and one on, both tied to the same foot switch that way I can a/b between. However sometimes when switching the knobs on the pod and the dt25 are not able to control the selected amp any longer. Thanks, Mike
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