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  1. Yeah.. Monkey does work and recognize the FBV Express Mk2 and the Spider IV 30. Firmwares already updated by my former computer.. Now, I remember they always said the Editor was for 75 and up, but it worked with my 30. I'm suspecting that the new version of the Editor now reject the Spider IV 30 as announced everywhere. I think my only chance to be able to quickly backup and restore my 4 channels is to find this old Editor :( Thanks a lot for your time ;) (y)
  2. I downloaded and installed Line 6 License Manager 1.10, ran it in order to "authorize" this laptop (it wasn't authorized), but SPider IV Edit is still complaining about "No Line 6 Device connected".. Guys.. what do I have to try now?
  3. Update my license? Huh.. weird, but okay I'm gonna try to find how to do this. Thank you ;) Edit: FBV Express MkII
  4. Good day, I own a Spider IV 30 since 3 years. I remember that I could then backup and restore (at least) my 4 Channels (ABCD) thanks to a software from Line 6. I'm sure I could! In the meantime, I had to change my laptop because of a motherboard problem. Now I downloaded Spider IV Edit, but it doesn't work with the Spider IV 30 (anymore?): it can't find the amp (Line 6 Monkey does find it!). I tried to find the older version of Spider IV Edit who work with th Spider IV 30, but there wasn't. What can I do now, to backup and restore my channels? I really need that now. Thanks in advance for any tip.
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