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  1. ok but in pod farm 1, i can't select my xt live so if i want to use pod farm 2, i will need to buy it Zap?
  2. Hello All I have buy long time ago a line 6 POD XT Live. At this moment I Have Buy Metal Shop. Sometime we do some error and i have sell My Pox Xt Live... Now i have buy another Pod Xt Live and i try to launch my Pod Farm 2 and Pod Farm tell me to register. My Question: I Must Buy Pod Farm 2 another time if I have buy a Line 6 Pod Xt Live Before ? And : I have Buy a Ux2 Too Last Year and I don't have Like This ( no pedals to switch sound and a bad recording abilities lol) And i was able to install pod farm 2 and use it . My product is registred and with licence manager , all is ok ... i just don't understand what i'm doing wrong... If someone can help me plz lol P.S Sorry for my english i'm french Guys lol so i try hahaha :)
  3. Eskwad

    Metal Pack Problem

    ok thx :( but can we buy model pack with a used Hd300 ? or add-on if the pod is used ?
  4. Eskwad

    Metal Pack Problem

    Hi! I own a Pod UX and I've purchased the Metal Pack addon. Today, i've bought a used Pod HD300 and I wondered if the Metal Pack Addon I've purchased earlier could be inserter in my Pod300. I've tried but it doesn't seem to be seeing it in any way. Must I buy it again for my HD300, or is there something to do to make it work? If it can be of any help, on the Line 6 webpage, on the "Autorised" page, my UX is detected, as well as my computer, but the HD300 isn't, even thought i've downloaded EzMonkey (which autorised my HD300 and allowed me the updates). Thanks in advance for your help.
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