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  1. Not in my case. It has happened during a song where I've switched to that patch from a different patch. A quick switch back and forth between patches again fixes it but you don't know when it's going to happen again of course.
  2. I recently started having an issue with my patches losing their sound. As an example. I'm playing in Americana Clean and all of a sudden all of the content that makes that tone what it is vanishes and it sounds like I'm sending a much lower dry signal to my Headrush flat response speaker. It happened at a gig so for a temporary fix I found that if I switched to any other patch say footswitch B and then back to the one I really wanted all of the settings returned to normal. This has happened a few times now on different patches. Anybody have a fix? The unit is still under Warranty but I'm working regularly and don't have a backup to send it to Sweetwater for a couple of weeks.
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