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  1. I just find out why the sound is so different! It's my trim knob on my echo audiofire 4! It was set to very small amount, then i just crank it up and now metal shop sounds better with model deliver a more metal tone. Adding the screamer is even better! Now my audiofire 4's meter reads red and peak when I play palm muting however I don't hear any clipping at all. Is this o.k? If i back up the trim knob to hit the yellow light (recommend level for recording), my amp sound not much distortion compare to hitting red. What should i do? Thank you for your help.
  2. Hi Everyone, I own a PODFARM 2.56 (Hardware Independent version) with Metal Shop model pack on a iMac. My guitar is a Epiphone Les Paul custom with stock pickup through a Echo Audiofire 4 to my mac. I am having a bad sound issue with Metal Shop. When I use metal shop amp model like Cali Diamond Plate and Plexi Lead 100 ect..i have to crank the gain all the way up to 11 to get a acceptable distortion tone and even then it just seems doesn't have enough gain! Especially when i do palm muting..that chucka chucka stuff, it just sound like a overdrive without much distortion(especially the Cali Diamond Plate model). When I switch to Line 6 insane amp model everything seems fine! I can get a nice distortion with good metal palm muting(without screamer in the front). The only work around is to use a Screamer (Tube Screamer emulation) in front of my metal shop amp model. Only then I can get that crushing metal tone. Is this normal? Youtube shows some real amp that line 6 modeled and they sound good without a tube screamer. Is there something wrong with my metal shop pack? Or this is the way it suppose to be? Thank you!
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