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  1. Then you've answered my question so i'm just gonna go hide somewhere as not to get laughed at :lol: But god i do so love this Line 6 stuff ;)
  2. Hey i've just realised something - JTV59 to the lap top is just a data (midi) exchange, is that right? Which means i still need to feed the guitars jack out to an amp or audio interface to her the sound changes? If so then i've just lost 3 hours of my life strumming away at a guitar wondering where the sound is? Please tell me i'm right so i can stop chasing a stupid idea and being idiotic :wacko: :lol:
  3. Hello Stevekc Yes ok its all done so i have my guitar talking to the software and i can see that it say's jtv59 on top of a blue guitar symbol in top left corner and if i make physical changes to my guitar i can see changes happening visually in the Workbench hd software. However, i have no volume at all coming out of my laptop speakers when i strum the guitar and also if i plug headphones in to my laptop nothing there either? am i missing some firmware drivers or extra software I've not down loaded? all volumes are up on guitar and output from my laptop too. Oh I'm running it on a macbook pro. Any ideas? Many thanks for your help so. Ady
  4. Hi, can anyone give me some advice? I have a JTV 59 with the cat 5 cable and usb interface. When i connect direct to my laptop which i think you can do? the Workbench HD software doesnt recognise anything even if i rescan the light on my interface continues to flash red. If i look at my line 6 monkey connection it doesn't say there is anything connected to laptop, should it recognise my guitar at that stage? Am i not doing something right? If i connect my variax to my pod hd 500x via a cat 5 cable pedal into my computer via usb and take the dt6 link to my dt50 combo everything works fine and both the HD workbench software and the 500hd edit software and control everything including my guitar. i'm hoping someone will give me an idiots fix as i'm cluless as to why the variax isn't recognised? Many thanks in advance.
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