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  1. So what you are saying is, I can run Pod Farm on Pro Tools, however, I MUST have the POD Studio GX interface connected as well at all times?
  2. Ok, thank you, will try to change the USB cable and see if it gets better.
  3. No it is not that. Today, I cant even get any sound from it. !?!? The green light randomly shuts off, and I have to reboot the computer. Lately, The green light shuts off immediately when I launch Pod Farm software. And during all this time, I have not been able to hear any guitar signal coming through the interface. The cable is good, the connections are tight. There is no sound registered on the input meter, I chose GX input device. What is happening!?
  4. The green light light up on the POD studio GX interface when computer starts up. Everything is fine. I launch Pod farm program. So far so good. I shut down Pod farm program. I decide to later launch Pod farm again, and the green light shuts off, and the POD studio GX interface somehow gets disconnected. Why?
  5. Ah that is bad, I cant use Pod Farm on my Pro tools Daw, cause I bought Pod farm with the Pod interface!? Ok, thank you for your answer.
  6. Thanks it works now. However, I also have an M audio USB interface that I use on my other computer that I would prefer to use. I have registered the POd farm product, and it works fine, but when I remove the POD studio USB interface, it says I need to register the Pod farm product, even though I just did. 1. Can I run the Pod farm sounds without using the POD studio USB interface, or does it always needs to be connected? 2. I can hear the sound when I connect headphones directly to the POD USB interface, but can´t hear the sound in my computer speakers, even though I have selected "output internal speakers", can the Pod farm not function as stand alone? Does it always need to be open in a DAW?
  7. Bought Pod Studio GX today. I want to use it with my brand new iMac, and I realize, there are some installation cd´s in the package. However, the new iMac, does not have any dvd/cd player. I tried to just connect the interface to the USB port, but I could not get it to work. 1. Is there a possibility to use the guitar to USB interface without using any software installation? 2. I hope that all contents on the CD´s are also possible to download online, and what files should I download in order for it to work?
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