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  1. Thanks all, It's back with Line6 UK repair people in the UK, they've had it since September and are waiting for a new "main board". I'm starting to suspect I may never get it back in a working condition.
  2. I've had the JTV69 for about 18 months - and it's developed a problem, any suggestions would be gratefully received. Alternative tunings misbehave. I generally use the preset alt tunings (other than changing the baritone to an open E). Worked fine up until now. A few days ago I noticed most of the tunings were screwed up - some had moved to different positions on the Alt tuning switch - some had just changed to a random tuning Also the at tuning "roller" switch is behaving a bit odd, I move it to some tunings it lights white - others it lights blue.... I can't actually remember what it used to do - I think it lit white for all tunings. So I set the tunings back to standard using the "create custom alternate tunings" method from the pilots guide. This worked, but next day they were screwed up again. I re-installed the latest firmware using line6 monkey - didn't make any difference I usually power the guitar from an XPS footswitch - but I tried using the battery - no difference - So anybody had any similar problems? - Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. Hi Folks, So the G10 has 2 outputs XLR and quarter inch, are they both live a the same time? The reason I'm asking? I've got a variax, I'd like to use the XLR straight to a mixer when I'm on an acoustic guitar setting, and the quarter inch to an amp when I'm on an electric guitar setting. Thanks Hugh
  4. Thanks for the answer I noticed that the ASIO driver supports 32 bit depth, I guess i should use this (rather than 24 bit) to get the benefit of the stacked converters?
  5. So, I've had the Sonic Port VX for about a day, and am pretty happy recording using the built in mic's and guitar inputs (using mobile pod app / garage band) on my on my IOS device. However, I also want to use it as an audio recording device connected to my Windows 7 laptop with Cubase using its VST driver. This works a treat with the mono and stereo mics – which allow level adjustment using the mic gain control on the sonic port VX But the guitar input records at a very low level – the mic gain control doesn’t seem to affect the guitar input (I suppose is to be expected, it is called ‘mic’ gain after all). It’s possible to boost the recorded signal using Cubase SW after it’s recorded but this will introduce noise – and isn’t really a substitute for capturing at reasonable level – kind of defeats the purpose of having 24-bit recording. Anyone else seeing anything similar? Am I missing something? Thanks
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