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  1. I am new to this forum and have had a v70 wireless hand held system for about a year now and wanted a Lavalier system to go with it so being on a tight budget I purchased a V55L system. Now I am second guessing myself because I want to upgrade my V70 setup and that requires a v75 reciever to do so. I might be in the market for another V?? system in a month or so and was wondering about the possibility of daisy chaining the different models so they could all share the same antennas. Now I know I can daisy Chain the antennas on the v70 & 75 but its unclear what is the best practice v75 or v70 first and what about the possibility putting the v55 as the last one in the chain? Is that OK. Eventually I would like to have 4 recievers in one rack and if I am correct would it means that I could only use one v 55 model since there would be no way to pass the antenna to anymore v55 recievers so I while I probably need at least one v75 for future upgradeing I could possibly look for a used or discounted v70 if my budget is tight. I am not worried about the rack mount issues as I can just as easily use a shelf and secure any v55's So whats the skinny have I missed anything.
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