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  1. Yes, Line 6 Monkey does see the device. I also deactivated my PC and the UX1 several times thinking it may be locked by Line 6. Triryche, you were actually on a several of the threads I read on here with people with similar issue.
  2. Hi all, I have a POD Studio UX1 that randomly stopped working. I have read most of the threads on here regarding this issue, but the majority of people with this issue have the wrong mixer input selected in POD Farm. The unit does not pick up anything from the Instrument/Line Ins or Mic Inputs. I am changing the Pod Farm Mixer as I test the different Inputs I have reloaded my PC, tried a second PC, tried different USB and audio Cables. Updated the drivers, Uninstalled new drivers and installed old drivers, Updated everything out of Date via Update Monkey and also messed around with the latency and buffer settings in the POD Farm Preferences. I do have a green light on the UX1 when plugged in, and both PC's recognize it in Windows device manager. I have also opened a support ticket with Line 6. The UX1 may have just died.. Thanks for any help! ST
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