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  1. Thanks bjnette. I'm going to try your suggestions. I'm used to the immediate playback match of software sims which I've been using for almost 7 years now. Looking forward to dialing this in. Thanks again.
  2. Hello. I'm using POD HD Pro with Sonar X2. I'm using the POD HD as my interface via USB. I have created a rhythm patch that I'm very satisfied with. I created a test track in Sonar and recorded with the patch. I recorded the guitar at around -3db input level. Upon playback the results sounded very different from when I play live. I'm using the same monitors live as I am for playback. My setup is simple. POD HD into PC via USB and monitors from the POD HD outs. Live, the guitar sounds very robust, percussive, and articulate. On playback through Sonar it sounds very different. Muddy and fizzy. When I turn the Master Volume up on the POD face plate the tone improves and gets closer to the live sound, but becomes too loud in the room. I tried double track which also improved the sound but still wasn't nearly as good as the live sound.I have tried recording mono and stereo tracks. Is this just me or am I not balancing my inputs or monitors correctly? Is there something in Sonar that I may need to adjust? Thanks.
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