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  1. Thanks for the procedure. My Pc has the 2.0 USB port...
  2. Exactly...the difference with me is that I didn't upgrade the firmware.
  3. The pod is used and the proceure that I follow was correct.
  4. I know, but monkey don't found the device because the pc don't recognizes the device.
  5. I don't understand what you mean...scuse me
  6. I would add a new information that I missing in the first post. When I plug the Pod at the Pc, the Windows device manager says "Unknown device". A little help please?
  7. As I just wrote "I've tried with different cables and it's the same." Thanks for the answer anyway. Port inspected: everything it's ok!.
  8. Hi everyone, I have a problem with my Pod HD 400. When I plug it pc, the pc don't recognizes the device. I'he installed the drivers, monkey and line6 editor. Nothing. The Pod works great on speakers and mixer. I'hve tried to plug the pod on different pc with different OS: all the same!. I've tried with different cables and it's the same. Someone can help me?.
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