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  1. ok so i can't use it.... i need to have two mono channels one for the amply and one for the mixer.. what's the best configuration??? thank you all Gabry
  2. Thanks Guru, in name and in facts! :) and if i use the left line out (mono) and the balanced left (jack cannon) i think to have the same signal with the same level for each one.. is correct?? thankssss Gabry
  3. hi! i have a doubt , what's the difference (sound difference) if i send my sound to amply via line out left (mono) without pluging the right and if i plug the right line out sending to another device different to the amply? the left sound change or remain the same? sorry for my english Gabry
  4. thank you!! i play strange instrument called Chapman Stick that is stereo, so i have two pedal board one fron each channel of stick and from any pedal board i send one line to the boss RC 30 loop station that is stereo. I can send only a mono channel from the line 6 pod, do you think is better to use the balanced output (cannon jack) or the fx loop??? but the last one is stereo... :/
  5. hi guys, i need to connect my Boss loop station to my pod HD and send all the signals to my amp. i do like this: left out to my amply (first channel) right out to the loop station and from the loop station to the amply (second channel) but i ear the global sound level much higher than the signal level with the loop station disconnected, also without record with the loop station connected is much hight. What kind of cables configuration you suggest me to use?? thank you all Gabry
  6. i love this forum!! thank you very much!! :)
  7. hi! i'm sorry i don't say that i have Pod HD 400, but mainwhile i think to have solve the problem using a simulator head for metal (i don't remember exactly the name) that have a heavy sound pre-distorted and i choise on FX1 the picht. Isn't the same ditortion that i have in my mind but seem work good.. Any suggestion in welcome! Gabry
  8. hi everybody! last night i'm triyng to create a sound with light distorsion and pitch shft but this effects tay on the same group effect FX1 so i can choise but not pitch.. how can i do it?? all the best. Gabry
  9. Thank you very much Jim !! 5 stars!!!!
  10. hi guys, is better to use distorsion pre or post? what's the audio difference?? i'm not a guitarrist and i'm a newbie about pedals and effects. thank you all Gabry
  11. Toneman you're so gently, don't warry.. i know that many other help me, that's the power of the forum!! ;) i've installed monkey and other stuff.. thanks! Gabry
  12. yesterday i try with pod Hd400 edit and is very powerfull to use but after create my sound i send to my pedal board to save it but some other sounds disappears.. no sound, only the name of the patch.. is a bug??
  13. thank you very much Toneman i really appreciate. stay tuned.. :)
  14. thanks tone man, i download now. you think is better to do it via software?? and what's "monkey"?? all the best
  15. Hi guys i'm Gabriele from Italy, i'm a new member of community, recently i buy thepod hd 4oo and i'm triyng to create my sounds.. i've a problem during the procedure cause i'm tryng to create a sound with clean sound and only reverber but after entry in preset mode how can i deselect the FX1 and FX3 to let on only the FX2 ?? it seem that all the FX effects stay on.. thank you all. Gabry
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