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  1. Hey Peter, I've created a Windows 7 virtual machine using VirtualBox and I could finally use Gearbox. It's a shameful solution but at least works. Before starting the virtual machine you need to share the USB port and select your POD Shame Device.
  2. It makes me think the lack of support and the careless of Line 6 team is intended to impose us to buy an updated hardware like POD HD X that probably will work at recent Operation Systems. Quite the contrary, if I buy a new hardware SURELY i won`t choose Line 6 products. Who can garantee if the features will be still working at next years? Shame on you guys. PS: I bought a MIDI cable today not even using it I could use Gearbox. Another waste of money.
  3. Hi guys I've just bought a Mac with High Sierra installed and I can't use Gearbox (latest version downloaded from Line6 official website). Searching around here I found many workarounds like open the GearBox.mpkg file with right button and install each package in a specific sequence, install latest / previous driver version or simply uninstall everything and try again, install all through the Line 6 Monkey, etc. These workarounds didn't work here. I couldn't install all packages from GearBox.mpkg (a message shows up saying that I can't install in my Mac Disk). Only the AU and RTAS plugins and Gearbox itself could be installed. When I launch Gearbox a message "Ignoring connection to POD X3 Live. This device has an incompatible driver installed" shows up. I need Gearbox to edit, load and mainly share tones. Thanks!
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