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  1. rafaeltnk

    High Sierra compatibility - no solution yet?

    Hey Peter, I've created a Windows 7 virtual machine using VirtualBox and I could finally use Gearbox. It's a shameful solution but at least works. Before starting the virtual machine you need to share the USB port and select your POD Shame Device.
  2. rafaeltnk

    High Sierra compatibility - no solution yet?

    It makes me think the lack of support and the careless of Line 6 team is intended to impose us to buy an updated hardware like POD HD X that probably will work at recent Operation Systems. Quite the contrary, if I buy a new hardware SURELY i won`t choose Line 6 products. Who can garantee if the features will be still working at next years? Shame on you guys. PS: I bought a MIDI cable today not even using it I could use Gearbox. Another waste of money.
  3. Hi guys I've just bought a Mac with High Sierra installed and I can't use Gearbox (latest version downloaded from Line6 official website). Searching around here I found many workarounds like open the GearBox.mpkg file with right button and install each package in a specific sequence, install latest / previous driver version or simply uninstall everything and try again, install all through the Line 6 Monkey, etc. These workarounds didn't work here. I couldn't install all packages from GearBox.mpkg (a message shows up saying that I can't install in my Mac Disk). Only the AU and RTAS plugins and Gearbox itself could be installed. When I launch Gearbox a message "Ignoring connection to POD X3 Live. This device has an incompatible driver installed" shows up. I need Gearbox to edit, load and mainly share tones. Thanks!