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  1. SOME of you get so defensive about your line 6 gear!!! @Gearhead u hit the nail right on the head, i have multiple amps/cabinets and a ridiculous number of pedals for live use my goal with the smaller unit is to avoid having a 4x12 cabinet in a small room, yet still get clean high gain tones. Yes i should have just bought the hd 500 because the only difference is one amp cab and a dry output, and i would have gained a pedal. Yet another simple reality with updates is the thousands upon thousands of people experiencing blue screen issues with windows 8.1 or any windows for that matter. I simply had to re assign an ircq to fix the problem, if i am an untrained person that can fix it that fast, im sure that a team of computer techs could do it in their sleep. In two words Left Behind is simply how i feel.
  2. All the live talk just implies nobody read my post!! I have a POD HD PRO X in order to run live i would need the same power amp/ foot controller used for any other processor/live rig I.E. Axefx with qsc, or matrix power amp. My major issue lies in the fact that the hd pro x is so much more, for a dry output basically. In my situation the computer and the speakers are a must for any situation, even recording amps with sm57 or sm7b. As for boss falling behind, they keep their product model simple, in regards to high gain, if I'm not mistaken the ns-2 is a got to noise suppression pedal on many more pedal boards than a pod hd . My point was that most high end effects processors update on a regular basis in regards to sonic effects on tone, it seems as though they have given up on the pod hd line yet they promote as the latest greatest thing in their arsenal.
  3. Just on here to rant that the industry is surpassing the pod technology on a daily basis, and line 6 has done nothing to compete.Just recently purchased bias desktop and metal gear gods 2 for exmix, these two vst programs annihilate the pod tones and the gear gods is only 49 dollars!!!!!! How is it that a 49 dollar program can consistently produce cleaner more realistic tones than a 700 dollar pod hd pro x??? Line 6 has always been the leaders in technology with the pod and now have fallen waaaaaaay behind and i am very sad to say i will be selling my pod .
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