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  1. Sorry I haven't had time recently to see if your suggestions have worked yet. I disabled the USB suspend settings first, but I do have some other questions. I checked the utility page on the front of the POD and it said I have flash version 2.10 and usb fw version 0.00. That USB version doesn't seem right to me. Do you think that is related to my problems? I tried to do the global reset by holding the left button down on the four way control and nothing happened. Did I do something wrong? Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for the links. I did update the firmware and drivers when I first started using it. I might try the global reset, hopefully that will work. DOC-2334 might be helpful, but one of my crashes happned when I was using the audio control panel while the POD was turned on and connected. Would I have to disable the X-fi card first, then set the POD to be the playback and recording device? Then when I want to use my speakers for normal pc sound use I would have to reverse the process? I'll try all of this after I can get passed this video card driver problem. Thanks for the replies, any more would be great. Thanks again.
  3. Hello, I'll preface this by saying I'm new to instrument audio interfaces so excuse my ignorance. I've also googled about these problems and have not found any real help. I just got the POD Pro a couple of days ago so I could play my guitar through my PC but so far I've had nothing but problems. First is no sound. I cannot for the life of me get sound through my powered speakers. I have a Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi sound card that the speaker system is connected to. I have read that you need a DAW and set the input to ASIO, I downloaded Reaper to try it out. It detects the POD and I set it to ASIO and nothing. I've read in some places that I may need to just use powered monitors or switch wires back and forth between my sound card and the POD. I just figured it would work using the USB and it would be good to go. So far I only have a headphone guitar amp simulator that I paid around 700 dollars for. Second is blue screens of death. I'll turn on the POD and it will be ok for a while but if I try to change a setting like in the windows audio devices or in a program like POD HD PRO edit my PC will crash. I've gotten three different blue screens that have ntoskrnl.exe in common the most recent one has L6HDPRO64 in it. I've updated all drivers for my pc even ones for my chipset, usb etc. The only thing I can't update is my graphics card. That's a whole different story. All attempts to update it's driver have failed and I can't figure it out. Any help on these problems would be great. This was a large chunk of cash to spend if I can't use it. I have around 60 days to return it. I don't want to but I will if I have to. Sorry if this comes off really negative but I'm kind of frustrated. Thanks in advance.
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