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  1. I got the update to work, I unplugged it and waited a few minutes. but now i noticed something weird. When i unplugged the USB cable from the POD the tone coming out of the monitors sounded good again because even when I closed out Reaper the sound was bad. So after I unplugged the USB it sounded fine, plugged the USB back in and it sounded like crap again.
  2. holy hell, it's one thing after the other now. Now HD500 Edit won't work, so I redownload it, and then I try and update a couple things in Line 6 Monkey and it won't update.
  3. hahahah I didn't realize that it change the word sh!t to "lollipop"
  4. yes my monitors are connected to the HD500.
  5. I tried that and something is still messed up. This is really weird. Even when I'm not in reaper recording and just playing out of the monitors, the tone sounds like absolute lollipop. And now when I open HD500 Edit it says there's an error and it closes and stuff.
  6. Ok now I got that figured out but now I'm having another problem hahaha. When I record, it sounds like lollipop coming through the monitors like muddy and spacey sounding, but when I play the recording back it sounds clear and tight.
  7. Hey guys, I for the life of me cannot get this to work. I have the POD connected to the computer via USB. I have my 2 monitors connected to the HD500 in the 1/4th in/out. When in Reaper, I hit record and the sound is still coming out of my monitors, but when I hit "stop" and try to play the recording back there is zero sound that comes from the monitors.
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