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  1. I've attached a track with the feedback. Feedback.mp3
  2. Ill upload a sound example when I get home later today. I'm using Audacity 1.3 for Windows 7. The program gives me no problem, and when the guitar is plugged straight into the computer, there's no feedback of any kind. I don't monitor while I track. I play it back after I recorded the track and check how it sounds. The fact that I've tried it on more than one computer with different types of sound cards (one had an expensive sound card in it) with the same results tells me that the issue is originating somewhere in the amps line-out slot, but at the same time, I hook headphones up to the line-out all the time with no issues. I'm not sure about any sort of auto-compression, but I highly doubt it because this problem never occured until a while after I had it, and even then it only used to occur sometimes. There's no logical way about how I used to get it to work in the past. I haven't isolated the problem, so I would unplug and replug and swap cables until the problem would just stop randomly. Now I can't get it to stop, and I have 2 songs ready to record. I've resorted to doing clean demos with the guitar straight into the computer.
  3. I purchased a Line 6 Spider IV 15 amplifier about 10 months ago for playing and demoing tracks. It has worked quite well and I love the amp, but about a month or so after getting it, sometimes I would go to record, and there would be massive feedback. I would swap cables around and unplug and replug cables until it would suddenly stop. It started happing more often until now, I'm unable to stop it. For the past month, I have been unable to get it to stop. I have tried several different cables, adapters, computers, and power supplies, and nothing will get it to stop now. My setup is: Guitar > 1" cable > Amp > 1" male / 3.5mm female adapter > Double-male 3.5mm cable > microphone line-in jack on computer This has enabled me to record easily and clearly and has no problems besides when this feedback started. It sounds like wind overloading a microphone outside. Its explosive, and overbears any recording. Its not a problem of my guitar, the adapter, or the double male 3.5mm cable as I recorded the guitar straight into the computer to rule out those 3. Its not the amp or the 1" cables I've tried, because when the amp is played outloud, there's no feedback of any kind. I've mixed and swapped different adapters and cables, and nothing solves the problem. Only when I'm trying to record do I get this noise. Its not the noise gate either, I've tried turning it off and back on, it doesn't solve anything. Has anyone else had this problem? Id like to know if there's anything I could do to fix it, or if my amp is defective and I could have it swapped or something. -Christian
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