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  1. Hi guys. Just received my Spider iv 120. I have updated the firmware to v2.00 When i switch channels using the mkii express FBV there is a noticable cut in sound. Also when I use the looper, if i record a clean sound on the loop then switch to another channel ready to overdub i get a bit of a dip in the sound.....not as much as when i just switch channels when im playing but surely it shouldnt affect the playback of the loop. So, just as an example, if i have the identical sound preset into channel 1 and channel 2 and switch between them there is a very noticable clip in the sound. Can anyone tell me if this happens to them. I watched a youtube video of a guy using the looper and it doesnt seem to do it on there. Im not overly worried about the looper as i will probably only use it for practicing solo's etc but it just seems to point more to there being a problem. Any advice would be great before i put a support ticket in. Thanks Dan
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