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  1. Thanks for the note. I sent in a support ticket to see if they can help out.
  2. I have a Spider IV 75 and FBV Express MkII that is about 1.5 years old. I didn't use it a lot (maybe 20 times in the first year) but when I did use it, it worked fine. A few months ago the amp no longer made any sound, the tuner did not recognize my input, but all the channels can switch just fine. This happened just after my warranty expired and the nearest service center is extremely inconvenient. I took it to another shop to help diagnose the issue and the tech said all the components seem fine (speaker works, input jack seems fine), but he thinks there could be a problem with the motherboard/processor. The estimate to fix it is almost the same price as the amp! How am I supposed to proceed? If I need to replace the motherboard is this something Line 6 could send me and I could try to fix myself? I've bought line 6 products before and have always been satisfied but I'm really upset that I spent money on an amp that broke right after the warrant ended, and getting to the authorized service center would require me to take time off of work. Not sure I'd buy another amp at this point but if repairing my amp costs nearly the same as a new amp, what are my options?
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