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  1. Sorry, I haven't got any converter installed at the moment. Sound was recorded with my phone ... But, VLC media player seems to work fine with me. Anyways, I'm starting to think I need to have my guitar properly tuned...
  2. So no one that could provide me with any information?
  3. Both manual and preset tbh. Will give the reset a go and let u know. Edit: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26066124/Spraak%20001_001.3ga Here's a soundfile... So U can hear what i'm talking about... This was after the factory reset on the preset Metal..
  4. Hey guys, Not too long ago I've bought myself this amp. As a friend of mine had the older version and to me it sounded like a beast. Seeing it wasn't that expensive and that I was a beginner guitarist, I thought this to be a good deal. And it was, at the beginning... Now i'm not too sure anymore... Guitars: Epiphone les paul prophecy series (EMG pickups) Some cheap lollipop fender stratocaster copy Here's my issue: Clean is what it's supposed to be. A nice clean tone. When I switch to an overdriven channel - the heavier ones for that matter, high gain, metal, insane...- it sounds like there is some sort of wah/tremolo effect on whilest there is infact none of them turned on. This gets very annoying to say the least... It's not that it's THAT extreme, but it's definately noticable... I get this on both guitars... With the EMG's i've switched out the batteries to see if that was the case, which it wasnt... Another thing, now I think of it... I've borrowed a friends Satchurator a while ago, and for some reason, when plugged in and on clean channel, clean was clean, and with the satchurator on (with gain at the lowest possible level) it sounded SOOO overdriven it was ridiculous... I have no clue what i'm doing wrong... Am I doing something wrong, is there an issue with my guitar or the amp...? If anyone got some advice for me, that would be greatly appreciated as i'm on the point of selling this amp...
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