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  1. Good ideas guys. I'll try to do both the recording and the SPL peak app (any recommended free android app?) later this week and get back with the results.
  2. Thanks for the reply guys. I had been thinking it could be ear fatigue or something like that as was suggested, and thats why I hadn't posted anything before. But I have noticed the same thing with the HD500 connected to the DT50 (no headphones here), and it wasn't even playing so long, since I left it on standby for most of the time. Thats why I'm suspecting the POD, and not even the headphones or DT50.
  3. I have a HD500 and have been observing an issue that occurs pretty frequently: If I leave the unit on for a longer time (above 1 hour, but times vary), the tone I hear changes, without having changed any of the settings in the patches. It gets more trebly and harsh, almost like changing from studio direct to combo amp, but more subtle. I had been noticing this using with my headphones (Audio Technica M50) and thought maybe the headphones were to blame, but noticed the same effect happening connected to my DT50 (with L6link) a few times. Any Idea what might be happening? anybody else ever had that problem?
  4. Hello Guys, I'm resuming my project of building the 212 cab. Could anybody please send me the measures for the inside of the cab? I'll be very gratefull! You can send it by private message, in this topic or by e-mail avledoliveira@yahoo.com.br Cheers!
  5. Guys, I'm having a 212 cab built for my DT50 head (I find the 412 cab too big to carry around), and wanted to get the same sounds as the DT50 212 combo. Could anybody that actually has the 212 combo measure up the inside of the cab for me? I need the inner dimensions (to have the same volume for the speakers) and the semi-open back dimensions so I can have it built. Thanks a lot!
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