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  1. So I sometimes get confused when I'm passing through different presets and I'm jamming along to a new song but forget which F1 - F4 has the delay/ reverb or distortion needed from a new section of the song. I thought maybe using a physical white label and labelling e.g. F S 1 F S 2 F S 3 Distortion Delay Modulation E.t.c Does anyone else use a similar method or something different? Obviously, I'd run into trouble if I had a song of two delays/ FX that needed activating/ deactivating...
  2. hey guys, I'm having trouble setting an effect's parameters with the foot pedal on the POD500. Can someone please run through me the steps needed to assign an fx through the foot pedal for expression? E.g. Increasing/ lowering the mix on a Octo/Particle verb? Thank you.
  3. nah it's not a problem, and yes i can. I just want to know if my POD500 has a defect or if thats the norm.
  4. Hey guys I've noticed a difference that I'm not sure is normal. Digitial delay's volume seems to be at a lower volume than that of analog. This seems to be even so much to the point that I have to bring the digital delay mix past 50% and the volume is still not even with the original signal. Does anyone have this same problem?
  5. I thought about this too, but I tried another midi cable and it had the same problem
  6. hey mate thanks for the tips. I'm missing the adaptor for my phones so I will try tomorrow... However, BIG BREAKTHROUGH... I was just messing around with the POD500 whilst it was running into my physical Vox Amp and realised I really downed the hum with the 1/4" Out, Guitar In and XLR options. Is there anyway I can use these options for the USB connection? If not I may just buy an audio interface and input it into there and output a separate USB connection to the Mac.
  7. Yes but I connect the POD500 with a USB to my mac and outputting into headphones. Although I'm still very surprised how great that little device worked...
  8. Hey guys, I've been having this problem with my POD500, I'm not sure if its always been this way as I've only recently started using clean sounds as opposed to distortions or boosts. I play through either a VOX Amp or through a USB connection to my laptop in the garageband interface. I have isolated the issue to the POD500 and a very distinct buzzing noise can be heard even without any effects blocks or boosts of any kind with my AMP having no gain. I've researched that this might have something to do with the power outlets not coming from the same socket but even when I detach the charger from my Mac the noise still remains... However, when I remove the POD500 from the equation and have it running straight from guitar to Amp, it's silent. Can anyone help?
  9. Hi guys, I am able to split the signal from my POD500 very easily and have had no issues. I recieve the signal through the USB output of the POD500 running into my macbook pro through garageband with the Stereo Input setting. However, I recently bought a single effect unit, RV5 Boss. I'm hoping to be able to split the signal from the RV5 to the left channel with other effects and the right channel with different effects. Can anyone help me out? Regards
  10. hi guys I'm just struggling to use the foot pedal. For some reason whenever I use volume pedal it works perfectly and I use it heaps for volume swelling etc. But how do I make an FX block or Wah Effect connect to the foot pedal? Help would be very much appreciated. Thanks heaps.
  11. ok yup it works brilliantly thank you so much. I was just wondering if theres anyway it can with the POD500 and another pedal too. I'm going to buy a Boss Rv5 reverb pedal, but would want to split the signal from POD500 to go one way and the other signal to go to the reverb pedal?
  12. oh yes sorry Line 6 POD500 And to split the signal so I can have one delay going left and another right
  13. Hi guys I was just wondering if theres anyway I can split my guitar signal through the USB output to my computer? Or is the only way to split signal through individual amp?
  14. Hi all! I just bought the Line 6 Hd500 and love it. However, is there a way to input my guitar signal from the pedal straight to garageband software through USB? Or do I have to purchase a separate audio interface? Thank you.
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