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  1. I'm a huge disturbed fan and I'm starting to try and play their music on guitar, but sadly i have been very unsuccessful in matching the tone of Donegan's guitar even a little bit. I know I won't get it spot-on, but anyone have some suggestions for the settings I should use on my Spider IV 15 Watt? As in mids, treble, bass, drive, channel volume, effects, whether i should use the metal or insane channel, etc.
  2. so for both the clean and distorted parts of metallica's one, what settings should i use? as in drive, bass, treble, mid, channel volume. also which sound type for distorted part, metal or insane? i have the spider IV 15
  3. what is A440? i know nothing about guitars as far as scales, pitch, etc. so if you could provide some clarity..?
  4. I don't play much standard, mostly drop songs. i used to use an external tuner but now i have the Spider IV 15. question is, can the tuner tune to drop tunings? or only standard? if it can tune to drop settings how do i do so?
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