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  1. Silverhead: That was my thinking, that'd be silly to need a screwdriver. I must be missing something. Last night when looking at this, locking tuners never crossed my mind, so I could've overlooked the obvious, but I would hope not something like the thumbscrews. From the photos I've seen, my tuners look like someone forgot to add the knobs if such a thing is possible.
  2. @toneman2121: Similar but no goldish color, different style.
  3. @toneman2121: Going to try that when I get home...
  4. No, it's new... I special ordered the candy apple red one in January. Really like it, it makes my life a lot easier while playing... until last night when the D string broke (yes, the D string). I yanked off the string to get it out of my way (it broke at the tuner). A friend and I (not realizing they were locking tuners) poked around and broke off theother end of the string, so I've got whatever is remaining stuck in the tuner. Hopefully I can loosen it and get it out. The back side of the tuner is open and I can see the gears, so maybe there's a way that I haven't found that I can easily open it.
  5. No, not in the slightest. I have brass-looking flat screw heads (Philips style) where the knobs are. Is this a US model?
  6. Thanks. You're the 2nd person to tell me that. The problem is, I have no knobs - there are (for lack of a better description) what looks like Philips screwheads where the knobs would be. I'm thinking that turning those would do the trick.
  7. ...tonight while playing I broke a D string on my JTV-69. The remnants of the string seem to be caught up in the tuner. Friends and myself tried in vain to get the remnants of the string out of the tuner to no avail. I've read that these are locking tuners so how the heck do they get unlocked so I can get a new D string on the guitar. I figure there's a 'voila' secret to this so I don't want to poke and prod in the tuner too much with small sharp instruments. Thanks in advance...