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  1. Hello folks, i`m new to the Helix and love it so far. Unbelievable possibilities and it sounds quite good to me. But i cant find a way to manage my volume levels across the outputs (i do not mean the patch/preset volumes): I`m using the LT and connect it via XLR to my mixing desk, via 1/4 inch in 4 cable method to my amp and now i want to use its headphone output to practice late at night too. The volume knob can be assigned to change the levels individually but i just want to mute XLR (and 1/4 inch) outputs and control the headphones volume while the others are muted. Please excuse my bad english skills, i hope i could make clear what i want to do. So is there any easy way to do this? Maybe someone else had this problem and figured out a nice way to deal with the missing headphone volume knob. Any help is appreciated, Best regards Sascha
  2. Hello dear Line6 community, i am asking myself if it is possible to use the Helix Stomp with the 4 cable method with my amp and use the headphone output to send a signal with ir to a mixing desk at the same time. With the LT and regular Helix it is no problem, but can this be done with the helix stomp too? Best regards Sascha
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