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  1. Forgive my ignorance spaceati - what's an AVR?
  2. No and ...no! It was a tiny amount of voltage like a static shock and only when I touched something metalic that was earthed - in this case my laptop.
  3. My DT25 came fitted with cheap Chinese valves - I changed them for decent quality Russian ones and it sounds much better
  4. Hi I wanted to ask if anyone else has experienced this problem with the DT25. I was getting a slight shock whilst holding my guitar and touching anything earthed. So I took my amp in to the local repair guy and sure enough it wasn't earthed properly. However, according to him the fault is in the amps design and so presumably they will all behave this way! I'm no electrician so below is exactly what he said: "The front end design of this is odd - both electrically and mechanically. It has a sub PCB connected directly to the (stereo type) i/p socket, which is then connected back to the main board by an unscreened lead. Although the sleeve contact reads to earth, the actual socket nut is floating. Also the back pad is only power grounded by way of its securing screws. I have now added a wire straight from the power i/p socket earth pin to the back panel and then carried it on to the shield at the i/p socket, so at least now it's guaranteed safe." This mod cost me £30 but I really want to know if any other DT25 owners have had this issue. thanks
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