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  1. I am not sure I can achieve what I want to do either unless stepping on several switch at the same time... I might just end buying a short board ... Later. If I ever find a way with the gt8 I'll post it here. Thanks for your help!
  2. What I was thinking (and that may sound silly from a newbie in Midi like me) is to find a cable wit a Midi "pin" plug on 1 side/RJ45 on the other to connect the GT8 to the Spider head where the FBV goes and change programs on the Line 6 (FX, different preamp etc.) with the GT8 via MIDI. I like the sound of the Line 6 but like the convenience of the GT8. I used to play on a Marshall all tube JCM 2000 and was hooking up my GT5 on it with a 4 cable method using the FX loop on the Marshall. Best of both worlds, I had the all tube sound from the amp with the FX programed just how I want it on the GT5, and placed anywhere i wanted before or after the Marshall preamp thanks to the FX loop on the Marshall Now I have a GT8, I live on the other side of the planet and had to sell my Marshal before coming here and I can't afford to buy another one...but i like the line 6 Spider IV, the only problem is I cant do what I used to since there is no FX loop, so I am trying to find a way around that...or at least being able to use the GT8 as a better foot controler for all the possibilities of the Spider IV without having to spend another $200 on a Shortboard...I have the FBV EXPRESS with it but that's nowhere near as convenient as the GT8 as far as programming it. I did try to use the GT8 straight in the amp, dialing a neutral clean sound on the Line 6 and using the full preamp/FX etc from the GT8, not bad at all but i think i still like the Spider IV sound better...
  3. I just got a spider IV head amp and own a Boss GT8, I would like to use the Boss to control the spider IV or use the GT 8 fx only and keep the spider IV original amp sound but there is no fx loop... Any body tried to hook these up via a rj45/midi pin cable?
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