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  1. We have used NimH batteries for years in our systems, and we have at least 24 v75 mics. We purchase them from Thomas Distributing, both the batteries and the chargers that charge 8 at a time. The brand that we have had the best luck with has been the PowerEx 2700's, but we have used other brands as well, including Duracell. The display's on the mics usually report more time than you actually get out of them, it seems I read this was normal compared to regular barreries. I will add that all of our mics are set to the powersave setting, which works fine, because our microphones are usually within 50 feet of the receiver.....
  2. You can order quite a few replacement parts, including the body (http://www.fullcompass.com/prod/269719-Line-6-30-51-0480) from fullcompass.com for the handheld. Or you could disassemble the handheld and have someone re-powder coat the body. One of my associates did one of ours, and it turned out quite nicely.....
  3. We have 20 of the handhelds and use the PowerEx 2700's from Thomas Distributing. Have tried probably 6 or so other brands, but have found that the PoweEx's have the lowest failure rate and longest life of any we've used. We charge them in the MAHA MH-C801D chargers (we have three of them). I have had some brands that are slighty larger around, but have had no problems size wise with the PowerEx's.....
  4. Not only can you now add a battery cap to your shopping cart, you can actually purchase it..... Life is good! :rolleyes:
  5. I just noticed that not only are they out of stock, but you can no longer even add a battery cap to your shopping cart in the Line 6 store. Assuming that they have not run out of plastic, does this mean that they are about to introduce a hopefully new/improved battery cap, or did they just sell out their stock and now they're just going to go out of business? Hmmmmmm..... :rolleyes:
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