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  1. I hooked everything up exactly the way you described and I'm happy to say that it worked brilliantly. I tested it out using the 4cm presets in the Stomp. Now I have the proper routing from the Stomp fx loop into my GSC4 fx loop. Exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you very much for helping me figure that one out. I still have much to learn about how to go about creating the presets within the Stomp pedal and controlling them using midi commands from the GSC4. At least now I know everything is set up properly! Cheers!
  2. Thanks for your time on this. I will hook the two units up the way you’ve described. I hadn't tried that configuration. Am I right to assume the Stomp will be set up internally for the 4 cable method? Thanks again.
  3. Hi thanks for responding, The GSC4 split mode works very much like the hx stomp. The GSC4 has 6 ins and outs for pedals with the option of splitting them into two sections. When its in split mode the in\outs on the 3rd loop are used as the send to the front of the amp(out) and the amp fx loop return(in). The GSC4s output is sent to amps fx in. split like this the GSC4s loop 1 and 2 go to the front of the amp and loops 4,5,6 through the fx loop.. It works great and this is how I have it set up. I've tried inserting the Stomp to the signal flow of the GSC4s routing by using its own fx signal path which I wasnt able to make work. I've also tried inserting two un-merged, separate mono paths from the stomp into each section of the GSC4 and also wasnt able to make it work. I know its got to be something Im not doing right but cant to figure out what it is. I hope I explained that well enough, thanks again for the help.
  4. Hi, I've been running all pedals on my board through a G-lab GSC4 looper and midi controller. With the GSC4 in split mode, i can run a 4 cable method utilizing my amps fx loop. I have not had any luck routing the HX Stomp into this set up. I've been trying to run separate mono outputs from the stomp into each section of the GSC4 splits. It seems simple enough, but I dont know the Stomp well enough to know if Im setting up the signal paths correctly, or missing some settings somewhere. Has anyone tried this? Thanks.
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