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  1. Its gone, sold it a couple days ago. I was going to take the listing down, but someone wanted it.
  2. I may just do that. I did get a Marshall and was going to use the money to buy a cab. But I am getting a real beating at that price.
  3. Oh ok, good idea. Thanks, if it doesn't sell, I'll use it until I can get something else. May as well.
  4. I thought that was a good used price for it, can't find any used for $700 I don't think. I could be wrong, but I guess we'll see. Thanks.
  5. Ok, updated and on auction for $700 Steve
  6. Good, point , problem is, that it is brand new, I have turned it on maybe 6 times. But I had it on auction starting at $725, no bids, I'll reset the auction over there. Maybe people will bid. Thanks, Steve
  7. The problem that I find with pedals, is that the preamp section does affect the sound because it is not a straight shot to the tubes. So I feel that something is lost in there, and I can use the return loop of the fx to do that, but it still seems to me that some of the warmth is missing. I think the sounds are great though, just something missing. Thanks, Steve
  8. Here is the listing for it. http://reverb.com/item/26310-line-6-dt25-112-combo-2013-brown-tolex Also have my 8 string for sale. http://reverb.com/item/24854-schecter-sls-c-8-2013-matte-black-w-hardshell-case
  9. If anyone is interested please contact me with an offer, I will definitely deal.
  10. I'm in Texas, $875. Or make me an offer. Looking to get a Marshall JVM.
  11. I am still thinking of selling it. I have tried it out some more, and it is really capable, just not what I am needing right now. And yes, it does have great sound.
  12. Sounds good, I saw those and was just messing around with them. Very cool. I found that my iRig Midi doesn't work with iPhone 5 with an adapter, or maybe the adapter that I have (fake). :) I tried it on my old Gen 1 iPad and you could hear all of the changes, really cool. I found the 800, 45, and plexi. I will give the SLO a try too. Thanks, Steve
  13. That is good to know, which models are Marshall on there? I'm not sure what is what based on the descriptions. I am using the OSC template for my iPhone. I'm not sure how to do it from my Mac. Thanks again, Steve
  14. Hi, instead of selling my amp, can I set it up to give me a good Marshall JVM tone with the OD? Also, do the changes that I make using my iphone and a midi interface stay when I power off the amp and turn it back on without the midi connected? Thanks, Steve
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