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  1. thank you guys for giving reply but... it still freeze I tried reinstall 2.01, 1.02 by 2 browsers(explore and chrome) but it doesn't work then changed editor(lower version)... still same I think...I should give my helix to repair shop Unfortunately, I live in Korea(there's no Line 6 shop) so it's very hard to find proper shop If line6 manager can see this thread, hope concern about making line6 shop in korea(so many korean really using line6 goods more than you think) Anyway, thank you sincerely
  2. yesterday I tried firmware update v2.10 but it failed then my helix doesn't boot anymore the screen showed just 'helix rack' and line6 logo but it can't go further my helix is floor type.(not rack type) also reset option doesn't work(every fs combination while helix power on) How can I solve this problem? Plz help
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