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  1. I don't have the complete unit here only the power supply which does have most of the listed parts blown. Some of the blown parts have their numbers on them but there are some SMD parts as well as resistors burnt so cannot tell what they are. According to the owner it is out of a Vetta Combo but I have not seen the whole thing. The power supply I have has AX3 Power Supply on it. As i said before I just need to know what parts R21,R7,R55, R49, R12, R11, R15, D4,Q3,Q15, Q11,Q2 and U2 actually are so can replace them. I have manual for Vetta Head AX3, Proline6 AX3 and Vetta HD. All are very similar and all have same power supply diagram which is different to the blown power supply I have so they are no help. Drawing out my own diagramm is uselees if I don't what the parts are. PS we are talking about a power supply not output stage.
  2. Have a Line 6 Vetta combo to repair as power supply has blown. This unit has a AX3 power supply and have got service manual but as far as I can see the powers supply is different to what is shown in the manual. Nothing like it. The manual I have on page 121 mentions if Q3 and Q15 are blown the replace R21,R7,R55, R49, R12, R11, R15, D4,Q3,Q15, Q11,Q2 and U2. Most of those are blown in this powers supply but I need to know what part numbers they are. As I said before the circuit is different to the power supply so cannot get the numbers from there o the parts list. Does anyone have a list of these parts?
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