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  1. I am Brazilian, forgive, my English I am horrible, rsrsrs, a cruel doubt: I bought a Line 6 studio pod model GX, in house I touch notebook, plate legal and using as exit mine amp, however in this Saturday 27/07 I was to touch in a studio in the house of a friend, occurred that when starting to touch, obviously using software pod farm, of proper line6, the program functioned during certain time later stopped to emit the sound, that is to catch the sound of the guitar and to transmit for the plate, consequentemente for the exit of amp. I made some tests, I always reinstalled driver again, but occurring the same error. E the interesting one is that in house it functioned correctly, however since when I came back toward house I did not test again to know if the problem persists, but since already, somebody can give a light to me, a solution? Exists some parameter to be pro configures, has some or against how much the question of the height where was being touched? I wait answers, I am thankful all!
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