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  1. My Line 6 Equipment is going up for sale.....
  2. Pedal board is fine I checked everything with Line 6 Monkey and double checked all the settings on the Hd 500 and everything is fine. The only thing I could not do is check the firmware on the DT50 because I do not have the MIDI to USB cable.
  3. Thanks Brazzy, fuse checks out fine and is there for tube protection. I have read all the manuals. Settings on the HD 500 are correct, reset DT 50 to factory settings, cables are good, amp works fine from unbalanced output HD500 connected to input in front of amplfier, no sync using XLR from Line6 Link HD500 to Link back of amp.
  4. I have the same problem with mine. I have been using the L6 link to amp and it suddenly stopped working during a show for no reason. Im trying to establish the link again but cant find anything wrong. Cables all check out and I can play from the unbalanced output into the amp fine but no link.
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