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  1. SOLUTION: It was the power supply. As it turns out, I was given a 9VAC power supply, not the correct 9V DC P/S. Still odd why it had been working, but it was a red herring, as it turns out.
  2. I was thinking about a PS issue, but it seems like that would have manifested itself prior to the upgrade. Still worth a try, though, and I'll see what I can get done. Thanks for the input.
  3. I haven't tried it when using HD500 Edit; only alone. With some of the horror stories about the USB port and whatnot, I leave it unconnected unless flashing firmware.
  4. It also seems like it can be triggered by trying to add an amplifier in a new chain, or occasionally, just by pushing signal through my guitar.
  5. Hi all, i know that this has been a topic that has been discussed ad infinitum around here, but I seem to be in a different quandary. I flashed the firmware on my HD500 today - successfully, according to the Monkey - and now I am sometimes stuck in a reboot loop. I can play through the POD for a while, and it's fine, then after a few minutes, it starts into a reboot loop. Sometimes I can play for 15 minutes, then a reboot, then 10 minutes, then we're rebooting again. I've flashed firmware from 2.02 to 2.10 and back again, and the problem persists. I've done the left arrow hardware reset, I've done the right arrow reset, I've done the down arrow reset. I've flashed and re-flashed, and I can seem to escape the boot loop. I thought I might have a heat issue, or something like that, but if I leave it plugged in in safe mode, it stays on no problem. I have been fighting this for hours and hours and hours and I am at the end of my rope. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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