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  1. So pretty much just guitar > pod, pod mono out > fx return ?
  2. I am looking to use my bugera 6260 as my power amp for my hd500. How would I connect the pod up to bypass the pre amp of this certain amp, the bugera has two front inputs ( high and low gain) and on the back it has fx send, fx return, preamp out/send. As well as the foot switch and speaker connections.
  3. I have owned a spider 412 for a little while now and just recently purchased a crown xls1000 to run my pod hd500 thru... The stereo connections of the 412 are maxed out at 150w at 8ohms each and the xls1000 is rated at 215w per channel at 8 ohms. So my question is would I be able to re wire the cab to a 300w mono connection and run one channel of the crown into the 412 ? Or should I find something else for a power amp ?
  4. Sow SPDIF on the pod to Digital in on the tascam would suffice ?
  5. Am I able to use a cable splitter to run left and right outputs from my pod hd desktop into one channel of my tascam us-1800?
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