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  1. I will try to adjust the pickups. But im alittle worried about my Acoustic sound, i have reset the Firmware So im little out of ideas. Thanks for all help
  2. It is very strange ,the rest of the Guitar has been setup at a local guitar "guru" , so its very nice to play Nice straight neck Low action and perfect intonation. I didn't ask him to check the pickups only the setup off the guitar. Note. I tok of the Neck and under the Seat of the neck it was a thick layer of Paint uneven spread, so the neck didn't have directly contact With the Wood. It was drops of Paint maybe 0,5-1mm thick. Ihad to sand it down so it had contact with wood and was then better seated. Im not satisfied.
  3. Thank you Jandrio i will try that tomorow. But do you now is the Acoustic guitar modulations depended on The Single coil Pickups?
  4. This is my setup now. Bass Side Treble Side --------------------------------------- Neck PU: 0.248" inch 0.20" inch Middle PU: 0.214 inch 0.1825" inch Bridge PU: 0.11" inch 0.11" inch
  5. Hi Charlie thank you for your'e response. Im running my Variax thru Line 6 A/B split pedal, into Presonus Studiolive 24.4.2 Mixer and out too quality BW Speakers and a Bose P.A system so i don't think that's the problem :). I also have a Flextone 3 , a Peavey 50w 4x10 that i use for electric use. I think it sounds okay in straight Pickup mode without modulation.
  6. Hi all! Im having problems with Pickup height adjustment. The former owner adjusted The neck and the pickup's because he used it for Slide playing. So it would be very nice if anyone could help me with the settings. I would asume that this will also effect the Acoustic guitar sound, because The sound of the Acoustic's is not nearly as good as demo's and 700's i have testet.
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