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  1. Hello rd2rk, Everything works fine as long as I don't have the external switching connected to the amp. I am familiar with external switching and it worked just fine on my previous setup. I don't understand why we need a TRS cable for external switching, but I tried with a TRS cable as well and the result is the same. How would you configure the HX with a TRS cable ? Something different than sending a Tip ? The amp channel switch on Mesa Boggie dual rectifier is just 1 input jack by channel. There is nothing to configure. I can change the channels directly on the amp or using the Mesa footswitch just fine but I need the HX to do this! Let me know if you have some test I could run to solve this issue. Thank you!
  2. Hello guys, I have spend a lot of time trying to figure out how I could switch the channel of my Mesa Boogie dual rectifier with my HX effects. I actually found out the switching works fine, but only when there is no input in the HX effects... What I did : - Set in the command setter an Instant with the value Ext 1 - Tip The channel of my Mesa switches fine when I select the effect. But as soon as I plug a jack in the input of the HX effects, the switching is destroy, the amp starts buzzing like hell and the light is turned on on 2 different channels... Do you know where does this come from ? Maybe you have tips on how to fix this ? Thank you!
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