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  1. How come i cant find a printable list of all the included presets on my spider iv 75?? A pdf version would be awesome. Scrolling the the little screen is kinda pointless. I dont understand what it the abbreviation are.
  2. So i am new to playing, what is the difference between the 2. So, so many buttons lol. Where is one used over the other?
  3. Hi I have done a little searching and reading but I havent found what i am looking for. I just bought my spider iv 75 yesterday and when i got home and turned it on, i seen it flash the, i think, firmware version, 1.04. I cant find this version listed here. I dont have a fvb yet so i cant update. I was just curious as to what i was missing. I find it strange that the firmware is so old as i just got the amp. On the back the build date is 01/09/12. Should i return in or see if they will update it in the store?
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