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  1. Using 2 L2Ms. I set Patch A to output left channel to one amp and right channel to the other. I set Patch B to output left\right to one amp and mute the other. I play Patch A through the looper. I switch to Patch B, and the loop of Patch A switches to left\right in one amp and the other muted. Is there any way to preserve the L6 Link amp config of a looped patch when changing to another patch? The Pre\Post switch has no affect on this.
  2. I will be using 2 L2ms. Does that change the answer?
  3. I am looking for a way to set some presets to send out of the left output only, some to send out of the right output only, and some to send out of both outputs. So far the only thing I see that might work (don't have second amp yet to test) would be putting a Pan effect in every single channel preset?
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