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  1. @rd2rk, thank you so much!! I will give your suggestions and preset a try when I return home next week! Would putting the JTV-69 model and pickup be too many commands?
  2. @DunedinDragon, thank you for responding. I am wanting within a Helix snapshot to dictate an axe fx preset and scene (ex: preset 002 scene1)and the guitar model/pickup selection on my JTV-69. I was afraid that might be too much. I'll do some more looking around, but if anyone else has any ideas, please feel free. I'll check into the MC8 DunedinDragon, thanks again!
  3. Hello everyone, I am a total noob to the Helix and recently downloaded a Variax Acoustic preset from Richie Castellano. The video he made for this preset had him switching between snapshots and a 6 to 12 string sound, etc. I installed it, but obviously have something set incorrectly in my Global settings to get this and other snapshots to work correctly. Can someone assist in proper global settings please? I currently have the footswitches set to 8 snapshots. I have a Variax JTV69. Thanks!
  4. Thank you for the response @hurghanico! It is a good start for me. I need to do more homework on how to route everything now and programming the changes into my POD. I've had the M13 for some time, but never used it for midi and the Pod is also new to me with regards to midi as I've never had a need for it until now.
  5. Hello all, I hope you all can help me with an unusual question. I currently own a Pod HD500x, a Variax JTV 69, an M13, and a recent purchase of a Blackstar ID Core 100 amp to compliment my Fender Blues Jr. My question is that I'm thinking of purchasing the HX FX for some of the newer effects and IR capabilities and I do NOT want to rid myself of any of the old equipment due to saved presets, (Yes I'm a bit Lazy to recreate) and in the case of the Pod, Variax connectivity. Can I use the Pod to control and change presets on the Pod itself and the M13 and HX FX while using my Variax? I play simple acoustic shows, but also play within a cover band that covers a vast catalogue. The M13 is on a shelf in a Gator case and I intend to put the HX FX in the case on a shelf as well. I like using only one amp and with the Blackstar could use channel switching, which I know the HX can do, but not certain about the Pod's ability to control as well as all the others. I'm looking for routing, connection help with whatever is possible as well as any tutorials on programming the Pod to control everything. I wish the HX had Variax connectivity, but only my Pod does and I have to have it. Thank you for reading and hopefully helping me!
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