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  1. merlosw0

    Crash and Burn

    I guess we are SOL cause Line 6 updated the download page showing that OS 10.9.5 is not supported with HX 2.51 that sucks because yesterday it was showing that it was supported.
  2. Yesterday, when I downloaded the file Mavericks was supported, I guess they updated the download page. :( That is weaksauce on Line 6's part because 2.3 works just fine.
  3. I've been working on this for the last 4 hours without luck ;-( can some please help :unsure:
  4. merlosw0

    Crash and Burn

    I am having the same issue. using OS 10.9.5 and running Helix FW 2.50
  5. I already uninstall and reinstall the line 6 updater and the HX edit 2.51 and both of them crash when i try to open them. went back to HX edit 2.30 and Line 6 updater 1.11 and they open just fine but they don't have the updated effects. Any one else having this issue? Please help
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