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  1. Thanks it worked a treat, and you can adjust volume from drum volume control too ?
  2. Hi yes it has a headphone socket will try thanks
  3. Could i buy a cheap mixer ie http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/1202FX.aspx and plug the drums into the mic inputs either mono from drums or stereo and then add a bit of gain to boost the signal? Then into AUX on Amplifi ? Would come in handy if i ever wanted to add a mic too, because theres 4 mic inputs ? What would i gain by taking a stereo output from the drums ? into the Amplifi ? (the drums have mono (L) and a L and R output (stereo) thanks
  4. I have my guitar plugged into my Amplifi , track is playing ...all well....But my son plays drums so i plugged his Roland Electronic drums into the AUX on the back, and the sound is very low, double checked all cables and volumes on Roland and all is set fine. So to get a usable mix with track/guitar/drums output from the drums has to be full volume. The main volume on Amplifi has to be on max and then the guitar has to be put on 5 percent and the volume on the ipad set really low if not the drums can not be heard ! It seems the Roland drums line out puts out a really low output or the AUX in the Amplifi has low gain ? The only way round it seems to buy a pre amp or a mixer with mic inputs and variable gain and plug the drums into that and then into the AUX on the Amplifi ? Any Ideas ? thanks
  5. Love the idea of the Amplifi and so far impressed, its easy to use! I sold a Line 6 Jam to purchase the 150 watt version. I even bought a second hand iPad to use with it so getting to grips with the iPad too ! The question I have is concerning using Tab pro app..... so i open Amplifi and get the track playing, then open up Tab pro to have the guitar tab for the song im playing but the Amplifi app shuts down and no music to play along with ! Seems i can only have one app open at one time ? So its either silence and Tab Pro or Amplifi and song playing, and guitar tone and no tab ? thanks
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