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  1. Nope, just low E and A aren't getting through on the tuner. The longboard is DOA. I opened it up, and the all the ribbon cables were disconnected. Someone cooked it, tried to fix it, and it didn't work. It's a gonner. My repair shop will take it, and the case, and give me a nice credit toward the repair. Luckily, I only paid about $30 bucks for it, and took a chance. In the end, I still made out, but will look for another down the road.
  2. Amp went flakey again. No sound output. Front panel looks good. An interesting symptom: when using the Tuner, it won't report the E and A, but will the rest. Took the rig to the local Line repair place, and they told me it's the second one in their shop with the same problem, and Line 6 wants them to ship to them. Interesting.
  3. Well, I popped the cover off the FBV, and a couple of the ribbon connectors were off. Plugged them back in, and now I don't even get the blinking LEDs. Looks like I've got a boat anchor. But, it was worth the $30 to give it a try, and it came with the neat case for my next one.
  4. I tried several cables, so that's not it. lollipop, you said the board has to be "turned on". I'm new to the Vetta world, so I'm not sure what that means. Is there something on the Vetta I need to configure to get the FBV to go hot? Right now, aside from the initial LED blink, it's dead, with no display.
  5. MK1 longboard, CAT 5 cable (I've tried several), going to a Vetta II combo.
  6. Well, flashing the memory did the trick. Now it's on to making the long board work. All I get is a quick blink of the LEDs above the pedals, and then nada.
  7. I picked up a cheap longboard, with hopes that it worked. It doen't. The 2 leds above each pedal flash once, when the Cat 5 cable is hooked up, then nothing. Any tips?
  8. Is there a common Achillies heel on these amps? Something that routinely fails? Edit: After reading a few comments, I recall the seller telling me the battery might be suspect. Would that cause the output isssue?
  9. It's been a bit flaky from my initial purchase. The seller said it might need a common repair down the road, but I was so giddy at getting it, a long board, plus a 2x12 extension cab for $400, my eyes were glazed over. So, the display looks normal, but no sound from the speaker, nor headphones. I get the initial, normal POP with firing it up. Where should I start? (Yeah, I already swapped out guitars and input cords). Kyle
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