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  1. I agree with your point...I love the hd and Wat it can do. But one thing I wish was it to be a easier to dial in a good patch.. I have created good tones with it but it takes a long time to get it and alot of time is spent on the pod then actually practicing the guitar... But I wud like to know wether the dt25 is good by itself. If it is den being able to integrate it with the pod is a plus for me and I'll go with the hd500/dt25 route
  2. Hi guy... need some advice.. I've had the hd500 for quite some time and think it's a great piece of equipment.. I used to go direct to the pa but I've decided to pick up a tube amp. I don't have the option of trying these amps before I buy them. I need an amp which is versatyle but not difficult to dial in the tones which is Wat I like about the blackstar ht20 I tried at a store. Im interested in the 60 watt model which I presume have the same kinda tones and a bit more. The hd500 is great but It takes alot of time to create a good sounding patch and the process is much difficult without an amp. I created my patches through a set of studio headphones and then tweaked them on the pa before the gig or rehearsal room. But now since I got some money saved up I can invest in an amp.. I considered the dt25 for its versatility but I want to know wether with all the bells and whistles it has, is it still a good tube amp without the pod.. just a guitar and the amp cause eventually I want to move into analog pedas so I don't want to be left with a lifeless amp wen I decide to rest the hd500.
  3. ejdj

    Hd500 reverb effects

    I recently bought a yamaha 110s silent guitar and direct into pa with its on board hall reverb turned on it sounds really good...the reverb is very crisp and gives the guitar a certain liveliness... But with the effect on it drains the battery in no time so I connected it to the hd500 that I have through the aux input and tried to replicate the reverb on the pod .... but comparing both the reverbs the one on the guitar is much more lively and rich than on the hd.... i can't seem to get the same richness on the pod reverbs... Are the pod reverbs a bit dull??? Or am I doing something wrong? Bdw I go direct into pa and while using the yamaha silent guitar there is no amp selected.. just the effects
  4. It's impossible to get a tone on the headphones that will sound exact on the pa.. But I would recommend using the least bit of delay , reverts , dimension or such effects when creating tones on the headphones and then quickly tuning them on the pa,. I have bought a pair of powered studio monitor speakers.. And in my opinion the tones created using them sound same on the pa. I only sometimes have to tweak the highs later on.. But it's much easier this way then using headphones which I started out with :-P
  5. ejdj

    Guitar Amp Advice

    I'll b using d amp at my band rehearsals where I won't be micing it... so was lookin out for something dat will cut through... I was interested in the peavey bandit 112, but recently checked out the fender mustang III and mustang IV... I really like both of them even though they are both modelling amps which I don't require cause I have it all on my pod... but for the price they seem to be a great buy!!
  6. ejdj

    Guitar Amp Advice

    I'm looking out for a combo amp to use at gigs... I mainly will use the effects of the hd500 that I own, so I'm looking out for an amp with an effects loop... my main requirements are effects loop, durability and reliability, and above 50 watts with good clean tone...... my budget is 550$.. .. any recommendations would be appreciated
  7. I run my hd500 directly into the pa... I've been trying to get a smooth kind of a clean tone with a bit of dirt on it, just enough to give it some depth and punch and want to get the notes to sustain for a long time.... been trying hard but can't seem to workout the tone.... need some help to get on d right track...
  8. I need to get myself a good pair of headphones to create tones and not have to worry about how the tones will sound when I'm plugged into the PA !! I made a few tones on the headphones I already have and they sounded amazing ....But through the PA they sounded horrible.... !!!! can anyone please recommend me some good flat frequency response headphones which work well for creating tones so that the tones sound same through the PA and the heaphones..!!!
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