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  1. Okay guys i figured it out, i just need to change the head in Pod Farm to "Line 6 Treadplate" and back and then it works, but i have to do that for every track everytime i open the DAW.. Here's a video of the problem i'm having (fast forward to 0:50 for details about it, unimportant chatter in the beginning) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgL1G6Z1STo Would love to see if there's any way to fix this issue!
  2. I can record the dry signal, that's safe to say! I'm using the Mbox USB family drivers!
  3. Well i haven't been able to record anything proper yet but i use Pod Farm as a plug-in in Pro Tools to record.
  4. This is the mixer view on my Pod Farm (when i'm playing the connected guitar) in Pro Tools: http://i.imgur.com/Is97CJ0.jpg?1 Hey Hulbert! Thank you for your concern! Very appreciated! Yes i get the dry and nasty sound at the same time with alot of background noise (even when i have a noise gate on) and yes the DI in mixer view is turned all the way to the left! I play it and it gets the notes through but yeah, with this wierd tone! I've tried using Pod Farm with the UX1 and Cubase and also Mbox 2 Mini with Pro Tools and both give me the same problem! I got the standalone Gearbox to work properly though but when i put it in the DAW it doesn't work properly either, but since i've tried with two totally different soundcards and two different DAW's and nothing is working i'm starting to think it could be an issue with my PC or maybe i'm just doing some DAW/Sound control settings wrong (i don't think so though). All the other sounds that come out of the speakers connected to any of the soundcards sounds fine, it's just the guitar sound issue! And by the way i usually create a stereo audio track for it, that should be the correct way right? I've tried mono but it sounds practically the same! Thank you so much for your attention! Hopefully i get this up and going soon, i'm itching to start!
  5. I can change everything on them but it's the sound that doesn't change when i turn the knobs!
  6. The plug-in, but i've tried the standalone and it does the same. I get the clean sound and this wierd unchangeable distortion at the same time.
  7. Well it's all crunchy, buzzy and it sounds like it's in the other room if you know what i mean. It is clear! I don't really know how to turn the presets off tbh, i found a "presets" tab on PF but there's nothing about turning them off.
  8. Hi! I'm having a very annoying issue that makes me totally unable to record anything that sounds good. Mainly i'm using a Mbox 2 mini and PT 8 LE and Pod Farm but i've tried Cubase 5 and a Line 6 UX1 aswell but the problem still remains. Now to the problem, i'm getting a dry signal out of my speakers when my guitar is plugged in to the soundcard, and it feels like all my inputs and outputs are set just fine, but when i turn on Pod Farm as a plugin in any of these DAW's i get a very bad signal in PF and i can't change the settings on the heads for the sounds AT ALL, i'm plugged in correctly, and i feel like i've done everything right but still it sounds HORRIBLE! I'm at the verge of getting depressed here cause i'm so eager to be recording and working with Pod Farm haha, i'm very new to the whole recording thing and i've gotten alot of tips and no one seems to know what to do so, PLEASE HELP!
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