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  1. Thanks for that - I'll have a play with it once the missus stops hassling me to go shoppong, wrap pressies, and put up the decorations! Merry Xmas.
  2. 1st post! Up to now I've managed to survive via the forums and patch downloads for my new HD500X. I play in a 3-piece rock covers band (UK) and have found my new toy (3 months old now) to be certainly up for it when it comes to delivering the sound required to make a small band sound big! I currently run the POD into 2 amps (left to a Marshall, right to a Trace Elliot) to help spread the sound - will be working on the setup through the PA soon but until then this will do. I have downloaded quite a few patches but as yet have not found one that gives that dual-guitar sound with a harmony (octave) so that I can get that Thin Lizzy sound during certain parts of the song. To me, a lot of stuff either sounds really bad OR starts good but then goes squiffy! (maybe I haven't found the right one yet). I have also tried messing about with the patches and settings, and also trying to make my own work but just cannae get it right, captain! Maybe adding more than one harmoniser into a chain would help? If anyone could point me in the direction of some good patches they've found or created, OR even give me a few pointers for creating that harmonised sound I'd appreciate it. Having forked out for this good bit of kit I really don't want to go out and buy an actual harmony pedal. Thanks for any input.
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